TYME workers put safety first

Work Zone Safety First!

As the plans for more road construction develop, the need for proper work zone safety increases to protect motorists, pedestrians and construction workers. According to the Federal Highway Administration, in 2005, “nearly 2.7 million people were injured, and 43,443 people died on our nation’s roads.”

TYME is dedicated to safety on the construction site. Our engineers and technicians are knowledgeable on and maintain national safety standards including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE).

work zone safety infographic

In addition, TYME senior personnel provide orientation training to site and office workers. Through TYME University, personnel take an opportunity to discuss safety measures and how best to follow procedures and stay sage. Training is also provided on maintaining the facility and equipment, emergency planning and regular safety meetings/Toolbox Talks are conducted on-site. These procedures create a mature safety culture involving personal and corporate responsibility.

Safety Tips to Keep in Mind:

  • Think Orange! When you see orange signs, cones and barrels, expect a roadside work zone ahead.
  • Stay alert! Look for reduced speed limits, narrow driving lanes and highway workers.
  • Pay attention. Work Zone signs will tell you exactly what to expect ahead.
  • Merge early. If drivers merge as soon as they see the signs, traffic will flow more smoothly.
  • Slow down. You may encounter slowed or stopped traffic in an instant.
  • Don’t follow too closely. Maintain a safe distance on all sides of your vehicle.
  • Minimize distractions. Just because you might be driving slower doesn’t mean it’s a good time to check your text messages!
  • Plan ahead. Expect delays and allow extra travel time. Select an alternate route if you are running late.
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