About us

Our mission is to consistently achieve each project’s objectives, always exceeding the client’s expectations.

TYME Consulting Engineer, Inc. (TYME) is a professional services firm providing infrastructure design and construction engineering services to government, business and private clients. Incorporated in Michigan in 2001, the company has two offices in the state of Michigan, in Livonia and in Lansing. It also has an office in Jacksonville, Florida from where it provides services to clients in that region.

Our specialty service areas include:

  • Construction engineering and inspection (CEI).
  • Construction materials testing.
  • Intelligent transportation system (ITS) design and construction. 
  • Condition assessment of building structures.
  • Condition assessment of bridge structures.
  • Geotechnical engineering.
  • Road Design.
  • Nondestructive evaluation of construction materials.

A system of advanced analysis and design tools, a robust quality control and assurance plan, and an unwavering attention to the client’s needs form the cornerstones of our business strategy, enabling us to deliver services that meet or surpass the client’s expectations consistently. 


Our Focus

Our clients see TYME as a trusted advisor.  Our team of engineers and technicians often step in when the client may not have enough skilled engineers on staff.  TYME engineers ensure that work is being completed according to specifications, budget, and on time. 

Our objective in every project is to ensure that all specification, schedule, and budget requirements are met. We approach every job as a “partner” rather than as a vendor, and we keep a careful watch on clients’ timelines and costs. Further, we carefully study the project even before it begins to gain insights into its goals and objectives. This allows us to employ our expertise to recommend potential innovations beneficial to the project, when possible, based on our expertise. A look at our company’s vast portfolio illustrates TYME’s ability to handle even the most complex projects.


Our Beginnings

In the fall of 2000, some of the local contractors engaged in road and bridge construction for the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) approached Oge Udegbunam, Ph.D., P.E., to assist them in performing constructability evaluations in challenging construction situations in road and bridge projects, particularly in tight urban environments. They sought his services because they were aware of his expertise in the subject from previous dealings. Dr. Udegbunam hence started providing this and other related consulting services to them, and this led to the founding of TYME at his home in Southfield, Michigan two decades ago.  As the chief engineer and the CEO, he has led the company over these intervening years, overseeing the growth of the company in both headcount and footprint.  From its original home office in suburban Detroit, TYME now has a full-scale operation that employs 65+ staff members working from three offices.  

Recognized as a leader in Materials testing services, TYME owns and operates a fully AASHTO accredited materials laboratory facility in Livonia Michigan. The laboratory is equipped with the most modern laboratory equipment, including non-destructive testing devices, portable field and in-situ material testing tools and gauges, as well as the latest software and mobile project tracking tools.   


Our Vision

To be seen as a partner by the clients, a company that inspires its employees to be their best, and an esteemed member of the community.


Our Mission

Provide the finest professional design and construction engineering service to all our clients. Commit to superior client services, staff development, ethical practice, and outstanding deliverables.

The TYME brand will be recognized for excellence, systems integration, and commitment to sustainability. The concept of unity of purpose for people, materials, and environment, for the greater good of the whole will characterize our work.

Cultivate a reputation as a cutting-edge engineering firm who also collaborates with clients, the entire project team, and the surrounding community for the benefit of the clients’ project.

Encouraged innovation and creativity in our organization, aligning our objectives with the clients’ goals, so that our services meet the quality, schedule and cost objectives of the project.


Our keys to Success

Our mission has not wavered since our establishment over two decades ago:

  • Always strive to exceed the client’s expectations.
  • A dependable client’s partner.
  • Loyal to our employees and clients.
  • Driven to achieve project objectives.
  • Adapt and overcome challenges.
  • Empower employees to create innovations.


Our Future

Moving forward, the future looks bright, as the company expects to continue its growth in headcount, clients’ services, and revenue. The growth will be fueled attracting and hiring key employees at the management level and additional administrative staff to support the technical and management team. TYME has the doer-seller marketing model and is looking for or developing candidates with strong technical, business development, and leadership skills. These are the new leaders that will continue our tradition of providing industry-leading engineering services to our clients in the communities we serve. Currently, TYME is prequalified and registered to provide consulting engineering services in the states of Michigan, Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina.


Quality Control 

TYME team believes that quality is a process, not a destination, and we continually strive to imitate our successes and learn from our experience. Our goal for quality performance is to provide professional services of such quality that our clients receive superior value and our employees grow and share in our firm’s success. The quality of work we perform is reflected in the large number of repeat clients whose confidence we appreciate. 

TYME has quality assurance programs for certification of staff members, calibration of equipment, professional engineering review of test data, and principal staff overview. For critical projects, we establish a more in-depth quality assurance program that identifies detailed responsibilities, as well as a thorough in-house review of anticipated services and procedures. 

As part of our Quality Assurance Program, inspection of our laboratory is regularly performed to recalibrate equipment and detect any deficiencies. Our equipment, tests and procedures are monitored to assure the most accurate and consistent results possible. An in-house program of quality assurance is also implemented. As an extension of your staff, we can anticipate and cater to your specific needs without being prompted.


Our objective is to provide: 

Timely Service. We will submit our work product on or ahead of schedule. 

Quality. The quality of our service will meet or exceed your expectations for the project. 

Communication. We will maintain a high level of communication so that all parties are always well informed about the project status. 

Practical Solutions. We will provide practical, cost-effective solutions to problems. 

Integrity. The reliability and integrity of our test results and work product will be above reproach. 

Cross Training. Our personnel are cross trained in more than one service area, adding to our responsibility to provide the depth of qualified technical staff required by most projects. 


What sets TYME apart from the competition? 

▪ Local area office  

▪ Direct, relevant experience in all service areas 

▪ Exceptional breadth and depth of qualified personnel 

▪ Project and field managers and engineers with hands-on experience 

▪ Equipment, resources, and field teams located in close proximity to the project 

▪ Qualified staff of engineering personnel 

▪ Extensive consulting and engineering knowledge and experience