Bridge and Structural Design


Tyme Consulting Engineers, Inc is a company that offers a wide range of services for bridges and structures, including planning, design, and improvements.

We have a wealth of experience in the field, with a diverse portfolio that includes various types of bridges such as steel and concrete structures for low- and high-level fixed spans, medium-level bascule bridges, long bridges over water, elevated urban interstates, multilevel interchanges, and bridges across navigable waterways. We have the expertise and capability to handle a wide range of bridge projects, regardless of size or complexity. 

Our focus on developing strong client relationships allows us to provide comprehensive bridge design and engineering services for all stages of a project, including inspection, evaluation, repair, rehabilitation, strengthening, design, and load rating. We strive to provide practical structural solutions and expert guidance to ensure that new and existing bridges are highly functional, safe, and designed for existing conditions. Our goal is to deliver sustainable bridge designs that meet our clients’ needs and goals.

How we can be of assistance

Tyme Consulting Engineers, Inc services include overseeing the construction of bridges to ensure compliance with design plans and specifications, as well as providing technical support during the construction process. This typically includes reviewing shop drawings and submittals, monitoring construction progress, conducting inspections, and providing recommendations for any necessary changes or adjustments. 

Our services aim to ensure that the finished bridge meets design requirements and is completed on time and within budget. Additionally, it also includes providing quality control, safety and environmental monitoring, and cost control.

Bridge Inspection & Load Rating services include the regular examination of bridges to assess their condition and determine their ability to safely carry the expected loads. This typically includes visual inspections of the structure, substructure, and superstructure, as well as testing and measurement of various components. The data collected during inspections is then used to calculate the load-carrying capacity of the bridge, known as the load rating.

Our services are typically required by government agencies as part of their bridge maintenance and safety programs. A regular inspection and load rating of bridges is important to ensure the safety of the traveling public and to plan for any necessary repairs or renovations.

Bridge Concept & Feasibility Studies services include the initial stages of a bridge project, where different options for the bridge type, location, and design are evaluated to determine the most viable solution. Our services include site investigation, geotechnical analysis, hydraulic analysis, environmental impact assessment, and cost estimation.

The feasibility study we discovered, will also consider the impact of the bridge on the surrounding area and the feasibility of the proposed design from a technical, financial, and environmental point of view. The outcome of the study will be a report that presents the most viable solution, and the recommended next steps. Our services are important to ensure that the bridge project is feasible, cost-effective, and meets the needs of the community.

Our services include the detailed design and analysis of the various structural components of a bridge, such as the foundation, substructure, and superstructure. This typically includes the use of computer-aided design (CAD) and analysis software, as well as hand calculations, to ensure that the bridge will be able to safely support the expected loads and will meet all relevant codes and standards.

The design process also includes the selection of materials and construction methods, as well as consideration of the aesthetic and environmental impacts of the bridge. The outcome of our service is detailed design and construction drawings, specifications and calculations which will be used to construct the bridge. These services are critical to ensuring that the finished bridge is safe, functional, and compliant with all relevant codes and standards.

Our services include the repair and upgrade of existing bridges to extend their service life and improve their load-carrying capacity. This typically includes the repair or replacement of damaged or deteriorated components, such as the deck, beams, and piers, as well as the addition of new features, such as expansion joints or bearings. The rehabilitation can also include the addition of load-carrying capacity to the existing bridge structure. The work is done while the bridge is in service, so it’s essential to plan the work carefully to minimize the disruption to traffic. The outcome of these services is a safe and functional bridge that meets current codes and standards and can continue to serve the community for many years to come.