Project data

Route(s): US-23

Location: Livingston & Washtenaw Counties, Michigan

Vendor Role: ITS Inspection & Materials Testing

Client: MDOT - Brighton TSC

Every day, 60,000-65,000 vehicles travel US-23 between the US-23/M-14 interchange and M-36. Congestion & delays are frequent, especially in the southbound direction during peak rush hour traffic. The US-23 “Flex Route” project aims to improve these delays

This project is a $92 million investment by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) to implement the “Flex Route” traffic management system along the US-23 highway between M-14 and M-36. This new system uses innovative technology to manage peak-hour congestion and improve safety along the corridor. 

Upon completion, the new system will improve safety and incident management, employ new overhead sign gantries, shoulder and lane control signs, speed displays, incident and queue detection, and increased traffic camera coverage. Construction includes shoulder repairs in both directions, temporary ramp extensions, temporary widening of the Barker Road and the Great Lakes Central Railroad bridges, median drainage work, and minor structure work at 6 Mile, 8 Mile and North Territorial Roads.

As a Prime Consultant, TYME is responsible for all Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) installations, including dynamic message signs, cameras, overhead sign gantries, fiber optic systems, and all ITS system devices that constitute the ATM system. TYME is also providing all Materials Testing services for the project.