Project data

Route(s): I-75 ITS Downriver

Location: Wayne County, Michigan

Vendor Role: ITS Design Service


The “Downriver” segment of I-75 represents a key passageway in MDOT’s interstate and international trade network. It is relied upon heavily for movement of commercial goods between Ohio, Canada, & surrounding states, making it a critical corridor to monit

The downriver segment of the I-75 corridor lacked the robust ITS infrastructure existing in other areas of the Metro and University regions. The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Southeast Michigan Transportation Operations Center (SEMTOC) tasked TYME with providing ITS Design services to assist in making these improvements to segments of the I-75 corridor. 

The project includes approximately 12.0 miles of conduit and fiber optic cable installation and connections to existing and new ITS components. The locations of the project are situated on I-75 between I-96 and Clark Street and I-75 between Schaefer Highway and Sibley Road in the Cities of Detroit, River Rouge, Lincoln Park, Allen Park, Taylor and Southgate, within Wayne County.