TYME’s testing laboratory has participated in the Michigan Department of Transportation’s (MDOT) concrete strength testing proficiency program since its inception in 2010 and continues to meet all technician requirements for quality assurance testing of materials incorporated into the National Highway System (NHS). Additionally, our laboratory has consistently participated in MDOT’s Hot Mixed Asphalt (HMA) Round-Robin tests. TYME maintains a quality assurance plan and review process on every project, including Percent Within Limits (PWL) and Non-PWL associated construction contract items.

TYME’s Material Laboratory maintains AASHTO quality system R18 and additional quality standards for testing and inspecting for road and paving materials (ASTM D3666), soils and rock, as used in engineering design and construction (ASTM D3740), testing and/or inspection of materials used in construction (ASTM E329), testing concrete and concrete aggregates used in construction (ASTM C1077), and several other specific test methods.

These details and accreditations can be found at Advanced – AASHTO Accreditation – Accredited Labs – TYME Engineering.