Building structures that house office or industrial facilities represent some of the most significant investments of businesses. TYME specializes in developing and upgrading strategies for these vital investments, to ensure operational longevity, structural sufficiency, and functional adequacy.

Owning or managing buildings or other facilities requires ongoing efforts of inspection and rehabilitation, including accurately budgeting for anticipated maintenance and repair needs. Our engineers and inspectors assist in this effort by employing an approach that combines field condition assessments of facilities, with a summary of findings that prioritizes repair needs. Condition assessments may include inspection of foundations systems, floors, walls, beams, columns, roofing, and other structural elements to identify potential structural failures and propose feasible rehabilitation alternatives that significantly extend the operational longevity of the facility.

marked up concrete overpass

When structural systems perform poorly or fail, clients need accurate answers to critical, and often difficult, questions. These questions address technical causes, including the physical explanation of what failed as well as procedural causes, why it happened, and where responsibility lies. Dependable answers to these questions require thorough investigations led by individuals with outstanding technical knowledge and experience in design and construction.

TYME Engineers and Technicians are experienced in establishing the various design parameters using both conventional and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) techniques.