I-275 Rehab

Posted on September 8, 2018

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Taylor Transportation Service Center (TSC) tasked TYME with providing As-Needed Construction Engineering (CE) services for this large, high-level project. The project location covered areas on I-275 from the I-96/I-696/M-5 interchange southerly to north of 5 Mile Road and on I-696 from the I-96/M-5/I-275 interchange to Telegraph Road, within Oakland and Wayne Counties.

The project, which received an award from the Michigan Concrete Association (MCA) in the category of Divided Highways – Urban, included 7.25 miles of concrete inlay, concrete pavement repairs, detail 7 joint repairs, hot mix asphalt cold milling and resurfacing, guardrail, ditch cleaning, permanent pavement markings, signing, ITS infrastructure and device installation, deep overlay, substructure repairs, approach work, bridge rehabilitation, and traffic maintenance.

As a Prime Consultant, TYME provided the following services: general project engineering and contract administration, construction inspection, materials testing, and project close-out.

I-696 Bridges

Posted on September 1, 2018

Nine bridge structures over I-696 within Macomb County are receiving much-needed repairs. Features of the project include deck replacement and widening, substructure patching, concrete surface coating, deep concrete overlay, joint replacement, back wall repair, railing replacement, slope paving repair, approach work, traffic signal installations, and maintaining traffic from east of the Mound Road interchange to west of the Roseville city limits.

As a Prime Consultant, TYME provided Full Construction Engineering services including: project engineering and contract administration; construction inspection; materials testing; and project close-out.

Gateway Building

Posted on August 29, 2018

Major renovations and upgrades of the Gateway Center building structure were planned, but relevant information required for the design was not available. The as-constructed plans and other relevant construction documents for this building could not be located. TYME was contracted to perform a detailed inspection and evaluation of the building to determine the structural configuration, ascertain the existing material properties, and provide an assessment of the current condition of the existing structure, upon which the planned improvements and upgrades will be designed.

The existing building is a seven-story structure with a full basement which consists of two parts — a concrete frame structure and a connected steel frame structure. TYME performed a detailed field assessment survey of the structure, reviewing its gravity load-carrying system, lateral load resisting system and the foundation load paths. This portion of the project involved measuring the dimensions of the primary structural members, including steel and concrete elements. The reinforcing pattern and dimensions of the rebars were calculated using meters and probes. The material properties were estimated using a combination of non-destructive testing and testing of concrete cores, taken from appropriate locations of selected members.

Computer-aided design (CAD) drawings of the main structural members were prepared, representing the state of the members at the time of the assessment survey. The drawings indicated the size, type and location of the structural components. The deliverable for this project was a comprehensive report that presented our observations, findings, conclusions, and recommendations for the building.

I-75 ITS Downriver Design

Posted on August 9, 2018

The downriver segment of the I-75 corridor lacked the robust ITS infrastructure existing in other areas of the Metro and University regions. The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) Southeast Michigan Transportation Operations Center (SEMTOC) tasked TYME with providing ITS Design services to assist in making these improvements to segments of the I-75 corridor.

The project includes approximately 12.0 miles of conduit and fiber optic cable installation and connections to existing and new ITS components. The locations of the project are situated on I-75 between I-96 and Clark Street and I-75 between Schaefer Highway and Sibley Road in the Cities of Detroit, River Rouge, Lincoln Park, Allen Park, Taylor and Southgate, within Wayne County.

US-23 ATM Flex Route

Posted on August 8, 2018

This project is a $92 million investment by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) to implement the “Flex Route” traffic management system along the US-23 highway between M-14 and M-36. This new system uses innovative technology to manage peak-hour congestion and improve safety along the corridor.

Upon completion, the new system will improve safety and incident management, employ new overhead sign gantries, shoulder and lane control signs, speed displays, incident and queue detection, and increased traffic camera coverage. Construction includes shoulder repairs in both directions, temporary ramp extensions, temporary widening of the Barker Road and the Great Lakes Central Railroad bridges, median drainage work, and minor structure work at 6 Mile, 8 Mile and North Territorial Roads.

As a Prime Consultant, TYME is responsible for all Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) installations, including dynamic message signs, cameras, overhead sign gantries, fiber optic systems, and all ITS system devices that constitute the ATM system. TYME is also providing all Materials Testing services for the project.

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